I had never felt a strong connection to the land until recently. I have begun to appreciate the experience of being in the landscape and representing that experience through photography. More often than not, I am attracted to the more chaotic details within the scenery. 

In 2017, I suffered a heart attack. It wasn't until many weeks later that I began to comprehend the gravity of that event. Photography became a way to contemplate the ideas about existence and mortality that soon started to occupy my thoughts. The trees and vines that I have always found visually intriguing, seemed to acquire more potency now. They were tangled, twisted and raw, an analog to my internal turmoil. 

I found myself revisiting several specific locations over and over again. The wild and tangled vines and undergrowth provided a place of refuge. With each visit, I felt a greater familiarity and clarity rather than chaos. The gestures of the trees welcomed me into a place in which I could to explore my feelings and resolve issues, allowing me an opportunity to make images of that process.

This series is still a work in progress.